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Ops ! Waze Bring Uncle to Motorcycle Lane

Photos credit to thestartv

My sense of direction is not very good. Thus, i’m very much relied on Waze when i’m on the road. Sometimes, Waze will suggest you an alternative, but please be alert people, because waze may guide you to “Holland” ( For those who don’t understand, it means Waze lead you to a wrong place).

Credit : The Star

A video on an incident where a driver drove in a motorcycle lane had gone viral lately. This 53-year-old Malaysian man had relied on Waze to get him to his destination but he was not prepared for the navigation app that guide him through an “alternative route”.

The driver was on his way from his office in Jalan Sungai Besi to Shah Alam on Tuesday (June 23) around 2.30pm when he ended up driving on the motorcycle lane on the busy expressway.

Realising his mistake, he tried desperately to exit the motorcycle lane and was able to do so with the help of motorcyclists traversing the narrow carriageway.

Credit : The Star

“He had been using Waze to get to his destination but ended up on the motorcycle lane because the application was set to motorcycle mode,” police officer in charge said.

According to The Star, the driver was called in for questioning at 5pm the same day and police investigated the case under Section 79 of the Road Transport Act 1988 for neglecting traffic directions and signs.

However, tests also confirmed that the driver was not intoxicated when he ended up on the motorcycle lane. So, he has been released and investigations into the incident have been forwarded to the deputy public prosecutor for further action.