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Ouch! A Guy Shares Posts Of His Friends Being Friendzoned

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Have you ever like anyone? Having a lover or someone you crushed on is such a joy. Just by watching your crush or lover’s face, it will make your whole day. Sometimes it makes you change to be the best version of yourself for the person you like.

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But, have you ever being a friend zone? It is not a good feeling. This guy post on Twitter about his friend being friend-zoned by a girl he liked. The tweet gained over 10K retweets and 18.9K likes.

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Apparently, the story started with the friend also known as the lover boy, tweeted about her, wishing their anniversary of them being together for a month. He also did poke fun that she got bashed by a netizen before.

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Then, she rebutted back, claiming she is just a friend with him. But, thanking him nonetheless. She proceeds to pray for him to be blessed.

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This tweet went viral and the netizens were loving it. Some of them understand the pain of being rejected and some of them understand why she did that.A lot of the netizens commented on the tweets with their own opinion.

Netizens’ responses:

▼ Some of the netizens were having a good laugh with the tweet

▼ Some of the netizens pitied the guy who being rejected and even empathizes with him

▼Some of the netizens were not really fond of the girl’s way of leading the guy’s feelings.

▼Some netizens commented that the guy being overly dramatic and have expectation

▼ But, there were some netizens who gave advice to the guy.

Boys and girls, playing with people’s feelings is a big no-no! If you like someone, treat them nicely and share the love.

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