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Shocking! A teacher Tweeted How Her Students Act Rudely After She Gave Their Home Work

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During school days, the teacher plays the main role in making our school life the best or not, along with friends. If we get the best teacher, we would enjoy our school year but if not, suffering is our best friend.

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Even though we received a strict teacher, we never really act rudely with them since they have authorities and the one who gave us the knowledge. This one tweet by a teacher went viral when the students were being rude to her when she gave them homework. This post garnered over 19.3K retweets and 23.2K likes.

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▼Original post:

Today I was offended with my students. I am actually someone who hardly offended because I am laidback with my students and treated them like my younger siblings. Yes, PT3 is cancelled but it is not a ticket for me to abandon my students or ignore them.

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▼Original Post:

I keep making videos of me, teaching, treating, and guiding homework that I gave but in the end, what my students send me is one snapshot from the Minister of Education.

“Teachers are not allowed to get angry with the student if they are failed to complete their homework during the Movement Control Order (MCO) due to some reasons”

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▼Original Post

Since the MCO, I never get angry with my students if they didn’t do their work, I know everyone has their own limitations. But as a teacher, is it wrong for me to give work and remind my students, guiding them since I’m the teacher, right?

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▼Original post

Does it really necessary to send that kind of picture to me? Or the students expect me to shut up in the group, no need to teach, and end up getting accused of getting paid without doing my work? I’ll be condemned if I do and condemned if I don’t.

I didn’t realize while I write about my feelings, my eyes welled up with tears.

A lot of netizens commented on the post, expressing their feelings and opinion.

Netizens’ Responses

▽ Most of the netizens were shocked at how students these days behaved.

▽ A lot of the netizens sided with the teacher and comforted her with their words.

▽ Some of them even expressed their fear in pursuing the path to be a teacher.

▽ There are some netizens who give their opinion regarding the student’s action.

▽ Some of them also expected the student’s parents’ lack of knowledge of how their child’s behavior in school and hoped that their parents monitor their child.

As a student, please respect your teacher and have manners. They said manners maketh man.

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