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Singaporean Cancer Patient With 2 months to Live, Donates All His Wealth

A kind-hearted Singaporean uncle aged 55, who was diagnosed with liver cancer, donates all his wealth amounting SGD 50,000 (RM 150,000) to charity. Most of the donation is to local charity organisation, while partially is to help migrant workers who were affected during the lockdown.

Credit : China Press

Uncle Chong, 55 (unemployed) used to be a bus driver. He was suffering from liver hardening 2 years back and unfortunately, diagnosed with end-stage of liver cancer with survival time of 6 months.

Now with predicted 2 months left, Uncle Chong decided to donate all his wealth including his insurance, pension, CPF, the money he sold off his house to help the needy.

According to China Press, a will had been written. Only a small portion goes to his family and the rest will be donated to some charity organisations. Uncle Chong divorced with his wife 4 years back and living alone. He rent out the rooms to the migrant workers.

Credit : Straits Times

“The Covid-19 crisis affected both my tenants, they can’t afford the rental, so i didn’t ask from them anymore,” he said.

His health has deteriorated, but he wanted to help as many people as he can while he still able to do it. One of his Vietnamese friend Tina, 28, told him, some Vietnamese were stranded in Singapore while waiting for Vietnam Embassy to arrange flight for them to go home.

They were retrenched and penniless, so Uncle Chong invited 3 of them to stay in his place for free. He even gave them some pocket money. They were grateful for his kindness, so in return, they are taking care of him.

Credit : Nikkei Asian Review

Although Uncle Chong is not from a wealthy family but since young his parents taught him to be kind, because one small act of kindness can mean the world to someone.

One of the Vietnamese who stayed in Uncle Chong’s place said, he was retrenched by his boss during the circuit breaker (lockdown). He felt so helpless, and thanked to Uncle Chong who lent him a hand during this tough time.

Kindness is the mark that you leave on the world, Uncle Chong.