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Sugu Pavithra Shines Like A Queen In Her New Photoshoot

From cooking to modeling, Sugu Pavithra shows how versatile she can be. It started with a viral post of Sugu Pavithra’s pictures by a Twitter user that gained 15.8K retweets and comments also 37.3K likes. The netizens were hyped up with the new looks that Sugu Pavithra is serving.

These beautiful pictures are from an exclusive shoot for the lifestyle portal, Pepatung. They also did have an interview with Sugu Pavithra.

Credit: Twitter

Sugu Pavithra’s pictures were capture by the infamous photographer, Pinography. During the shoot, she was also praised to be very photogenic and natural in front of the camera.

Credit: Twitter

For this pictorial, Sugu Pavithra was dolled up by the celebrity makeup artist, Razzi Musa. She looks very stunning, adorning natural glam makeup. The makeup artist, Razzi Musa even added in his Instagram post of Sugu Pavithra as a beautiful soul.

Credit: Twitter

For styling, Sugu Pavithra was also styled by the stylist Zul Herizal. Sugu Pavithra looks flawless after being styled. In this post of the shoot, he captioned, “Only God knows today. Thank you for today, everyone. She is in Bernard Chandran.”

Credit: Instagram

Not only that, but Sugu Pavithra also adorned exquisite and refined designer clothes by locally renowned and famous fashion designers.

All of her outfits were designed by Bernard Chandran, Rizman Ruzaini, and Wanpa.

Credit: Twitter

A lot of the netizens were amazed and speechless by how beautiful and elegant Sugu Pavithra looks in her pictorial. Most of them commented on how incredible she looked at Twitter.

For some people who don’t know who is Sugu Pavithra, she is a local Youtuber that is very famous with her cooking channel on Youtube during the Movement Control Order (MCO).

Credit: Youtube

Her channel is very famous for a simple and easy cooking tutorial in making the local recipes, alongside her husband.

Credit: Youtube

The netizens tweeted why she received so much love by the Malaysian netizens.

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