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Teacher Was Shocked Seeing Her House Conditions 90 Days After Returning from Hometown

Photos credit to facebook

According to China Press, a teacher who stranded in hometown for 90 days during MCO, had recently went back to Johor Bahru (JB)  to prepare for the school reopening. But she nearly couldn’t recognise her house after 90 days..

This is what happen when she entered her house, walls and ceiling with water stains and mold is growing everywhere, includes the walls, furnitures and even on their pillows and bed. Rotten smells out of the fridge.. yaks!!!

Credit : China Press

After much effort only she and her husband found out, the root cause was the plumbing failures. Without delays, the couple were on their PPE start cleaning up the mess..

Credit : China Press

Their “surprise” is not over yet, a mother cat took over their house when they are not around and even give birth to 5 little kittens. They don’t know to laugh or cry. However, they will take care of the little kittens since they are in their house.

Credit : China Press

Soon after they posted the incident in social media, it went viral and draw attentions to the netizens.