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Thai Man Was Praised for His Courage For Helping Pregnant Lady to Deliver Her Baby At Roadside

Photos credit to China Press

A netizen in Thailand, known as Every Day shared a post in Facebook of his unbelievable experience and the post went viral.

Credit : China Press

This was how the story begin.. he was on his way home after the praying session in the temple, along the way he bump into a pregnant lady who failed to get any transport to send her to the hospital and ended up she had to deliver the baby at the roadside with the help of Every Day.

The pregnant lady was in a severe labour pain and her water broke. Faced with no option, Every Day helped to deliver her baby at the roadside although he knew that might not best place to deliver a baby.

Credit : China Press

After much efforts, the lady had delivered a baby, but he do not have anything to cut the umbilical cord. Every Day took off his t-shirt to wrap the newborn. Luckily, there was a man who was on his way home from the temple too, saw them and immediately send them to the hospital.

Credit : China Press

According to China Press, both the lady and the baby were doing fine, despite the conditions in which the baby was born. Gosh ..what an experience! i think i cannot be that calm if it happen on me. Most netizens also praised him for his courage.