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To Earn A Living,Two Diligent Siblings Help Parents Sell Laksa In Front Of Bank In Parit Buntar.

If you go to the bank, you would be familiar with people selling snacks or goods in front of the entrance. Mostly the vendors that sell the snacks and goods are usually older people. Recently, a post on Facebook went viral because these two young siblings, selling Laksa at the entrance of a bank in Parit Buntar. This viral post of the two hardworking siblings garnered over 3.9K likes and 5322 shares on Facebook.

Credit: Facebook

Original post:

Good evening, my friend. This evening, my small heart was touched as I watched these children of heaven. Two siblings to make ends meet, helping both of their parents. All praises to Allah, their laksa is very delicious. I have bought it two times already. If anyone is trying to find any good laksa in Parit Buntar, you can come and find these two siblings at the entrance of Maybank Parit Buntar. Help them to earn for living. Hopefully,  Allah extends the fortune for their family, Ameen.

Credit: Facebook

According to a YouTuber ‘AZFAR BADRUL‘, these two brothers, older is 13 years old and the younger is 8 years old, started to sell the laksa since Ramadhan. Their father was a security guard but he was terminated due to Movement Control Order (MCO). Their mother is a normal housewife.

They started from selling the laksa around 20 pax and now they are selling 40 pax a day. They also sell almost every day around 5 p.m until 7 p.m in front of the Maybank Parit Buntar.

Credit: Facebook

▼A lot of the users commented at the post, praising the boys for helping their parents at such a young age.

▼Furthermore, the netizens also speak out how mouth-watering the Laksa looks. The laksa that the siblings sell also gained a lot of attention from the netizens due to how heavenly it looks.Not only that, but the price of laksa is also cheap. For only RM5, this laksa has a whole egg, mint leaves, and Sambal Ikan Bilis.

Credit: Facebook

▼From some of the netizens who actually tried the laksa even commented on the post about how delicious the laksa was.

Such earnest children! Hopefully, they will grow up into a great person that will always succeed. If anybody wants to have any reservation, you can contact the number below.

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