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[Trailer] The Next Big Animated Movie ” Over The Moon”

“Over the Moon” is an animated movie joint ventured between Pearl studio and Netflix, directed by legendary Disney animator, Glen Keane and inspired by the tale of the moon goddess Chang’e. The animated movie will be aired exclusively in Netflix.

Credit : Oriental Daily

According to the tale, there were originally 10 suns around the Earth. Chang’e was married to an archer, Houyi, who shot down 9 of the suns to prevent them from scorching the planet. He was given immortality pills as a reward.

Houyi’s apprentice tried to steal them, Chang’e refusing to hand them over and she ate it somehow. As a result, she flew up to the moon, waiting to be reunited with her lost love.

Credit: Oriental Daily

The film follows Fei Fei, when she was young, her mother and father would tell her the story of Chang’e. Years later, after her mother’s death, her father is finally moving on and is ready to get remarried.

Fei Fei is having a tough time to accept her new mother and stepbrother. She decides to build a rocket ship to head to the moon in search of the goddess, Chang’e, where her mother told her stories about.

Credit : Oriental Daily

The movie is the last film from screenwriter Audrey Wells, She died on 2018 after 5 years battling with cancer.  ” Over the Moon” is described as a love letter to Wells’ husband and daughter.

“She had written this script as a love letter to her daughter and her husband with a very wonderful message about what happens when you lose someone, that the love that you share lasts forever,” said the producer Peilin Chou. “It was something she really wanted her daughter to have and know.”

Let’s check out the trailer:

Info via Oriental Daily & Insider