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Travellers Visiting Cambodia Must Pay RM12,800 “Covid-19 Service Charges” Upon Arrival

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Travellers that plan to visit Cambodia, please take note! Because you will need to pay US$3,000 ( RM12,800) deposit by cash or credit card for “Covid-19 service charges” upon arrival, and it’s a must to have $50,000 ( RM213,000) in travel insurance cover, the government has recently announced.

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The office of Cambodia’s Prime Minister posted a statement on their Twitter account on Jun 16 contains a detailed list of the charges approved by the Ministry of Health and the State Secretariat of Civil Aviation.

Upon arrival at the airport, travellers will have to pay a $5 (RM21) charge for transport to a testing centre, followed by $100 (RM426) for a Covid-19 test. An overnight stay at a designated hotel or “quarantine centre” while waiting for results costs $30 (RM128), and a further $30 (RM128) per day is charged for three meals.

Other charges include $15 (RM64) for laundry, $5 (RM21) daily for medical surveillance and $3 (RM12.80) for security services.

The remainder of the deposit will be returned provided the passenger, and the rest of the people on their flight, have negative test results. Even so, they must self-isolate for 14 days after arrival in their chosen accommodation, reported by Oriental Daily.

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Travellers must report daily to medical officers and undergo a second Covid-19 swab test on the 13th day. A valid health certificate to leave the country will cost another $30 (RM128).

A traveller who tests positive and shows symptoms requiring hospital treatment will be taken to a state hospital and undergo up to 4 Covid-19 tests which will cost $100 (RM426) each. Should the traveller die, a funeral and cremation will cost $1,500 (RM6,400).

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All of these costs will also be automatically deducted from the $3,000 (RM12,800) deposit.

According to Phnom Penh Post, The charges apply to all travellers except those on diplomatic or official government business, authorities said.

The Ministry of Health has confirmed that Cambodia has a total of 128 Covid-19 patients. 125 patients have recovered and discharged from hospital. While out of 128 positive cases, 71 are foreign nationals who received free treatment.