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[Video]Chinese Restaurant in US Was Vandalized & Burglarized by Looters Amid George Flord Demonstrations

After getting vandalized in March from apparent anti-Chinese racism due to the Covid-19 outbreak and later attacked by online trolls, a Chinese restaurant in Seattle was targeted for the second time by looters Saturday evening.

Jade Garden, a family dim sum restaurant that has been operating for 17 years, was vandalized and burglarized amid the George Floyd demonstrations.

Credit : Oriental Daily

According to owner Eric Chan, he is overwhelmed after being victimized again in just a couple of months.

Chan noted that the intruders who robbed his restaurant may have taken advantage of the way local authorities and members of the National Guard focused on the downtown businesses.

“Please just leave us alone! I just want to work in peace,” Chan pleaded, adding that it’s family-owned.

Credit : Nextshark

During the most recent attack on Jade Garden, burglars broke through the door, ransacked the place and took the cash register with them.

The rest of Seattle’s Chinatown is still reeling from the damage caused by his weekend’s unrest. Similar to what happened to Jade Garden, dozens of businesses were on the receiving end of looting and vandalism.

Credit : Nextshark

“Right now I just want to curl up in a ball and cry,” Chan said. “But you can’t because you got to clean up all the glass shards before you do that.”

However, he also told media that “Thoughts and prayers and unwavering support is what we really need right now. We love serving the community and just want to continue to do that peacefully. That’s all.”

Source : King5 | Oriental Daily