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10 Amazing Cake That You Should Try At Least Once

Photo credit to Secret Recipe

Does anyone have a sweet tooth? If not every day, you would at least get it annually. What kind of thing that you crave when you have a sweet tooth? Some people crave sweets and some people crave ice cream but most people crave cakes! Cakes, who doesn’t love them? This fluffy, creamy and delicately sweet dessert always satisfies your deepest craving of a sweet tooth.

Credit: Vezion Capital

Cakes you can pretty much found in the most bakery but people would always come to Secret Recipe if they want a great one. The secret recipe has a lot of cakes in different flavors, styles and it is also very eye-pleasing. Let’s be honest, the big variety would make your head spins! Don’t even stress~ Because, for all of you whom a cakes lover, we have a list of 10 cakes that you should try, at least once, in your life from Secret Recipe.

Chocolate Indulgence

Credit: Secret Recipe

This one is a classic! What makes it such a classic that people love so much? This cake has a very creamy yet rich Belgian layer chocolate and also white chocolate filling. It is doubtlessly luscious and heavenly taste. Definitely chocolate lovers sinful daydream~

Red Velvet

Credit: Secret Recipe

This cake is also a classic for people who wants a different flavor from the normal chocolate cake. This beautiful, fiery red cake is very famous for color and taste. It has velvety cream cheese layer and a twist of premium apricot bits in moist red velvet sponge. Such a scrumptious cake~But don’t confuse it with a Korean girl group, okay?

New York Cheese Cake

Credit: Secret Recipe

Amongst the cheesecake, this is the original recipe! However, people just love the simplicity of this cake that will make you indulge more than a slice. It has a baked soft creamy cheese with the chocolate cookie on the base. Yummy!

Chocolate Brulee

Credit: Secret Recipe

Creme brulee is is a dessert consisting of a rich custard base topped with a layer of hardened caramelized sugar. It is a very delectable dessert. Well, this cake is a great combination of this delicious dessert. It has three distinct layers of mud cake, Brulee, and chocolate mousse filling topped with a thin chocolate glaze. Sounds great!

Oreo Cheese Cake

Credit: Secret Recipe

Oreo! One of the most beloved cookie sandwiches with sweet vanilla filling in the middle. This cheesecake is all about this cookie. This cake is made of frozen cream cheese with loads of crushed oreo biscuits inside. On the bottom, it has crushed cookies as the base for the cheesecake. Oreo lovers, this one is for you!

Chocolate Odyssey

Credit: Secret Recipe

This chocolate cake is a great cake for people who love chocolate and nuts. It has a chocolate mud-cake base filled with chocolate praline cream, caramelized hazelnuts and cocoa crumbles. A great resemblance to the famous confectionary, Ferrero Rocher~

Butterfly Pea Lemon cheesecake

Credit: Secret Recipe

This beautiful cake is very famous for the beautiful indigo, blue hue, made from the butterfly pea flower. It is also made from chilled cream cheese, imported from Australia that is infused with candied lemon zest and butterfly pea flowers. This cake is very creamy, light but packed with the antioxidants from the Butterfly pea that is very good for your health!

Black Forrest Cake

Credit: Secret Recipe

There is no lie that some people love cakes with fruits. This cake is such an all-time favorite cake for those who love the fruit and cake combination! It has a very flavorful dark cocoa sponge cake that has a generous amount of sweet dark cherries filling. This cake is such a great example that cakes and fruit do work great together.

Hokkaido Triple Cheese

Credit: Secret Recipe

Who doesn’t love cheese? For people who love cheese, we got you~ This cake is so light, fluffy, and moist for your tastebud. It has a combination of 3 types of premium cheese, mascarpone, cream cheese, and parmesan that will melt in your mouth. This is such cheese heaven!

Chocolate Au Lait 

Credit: Secret Recipe

It is such a simple cake that tastes delightful. It is made from Swiss milk chocolate mousse layered with moist chocolate sponge, coated with generous Belgium chocolate couverture for an ultimate chocolate experience. You just can’t get enough of this chocolate goodness!

My oh my~ Don’t forget to taste these cakes! It is definitely worth it!

Info via Secret recipe