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10 Things Malaysians Have Done At Least Once in Their Life!

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Malaysians often do things that people from other country would have never done before and we find it weird too sometimes. But we are still doing it… hehehe..Are you the same too?

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The following 10 things are the most common things Malaysians have done and still doing it.

1. Nasi lemak for breakfast, lunch, dinner and even supper!

Nasi lemak is one of the Malaysian’s favourite food, and if you’re a Malaysian, you know there is no specific time for you to have Nasi lemak!

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2. Complaining about EVERYTHING!

Yes, everything! “Why so jam?”, Why there is no parking?”, “Why are you driving so slow?”, “Why is the food is not here yet?”, “Why is the Internet so slow?” and bla bla bla.

Credit: The Star

3. Calling the waiters as ‘Boss’!

As a Malaysian, I’m sure you also always called the mamak waiters as ‘boss’ and it’s definitely respectful.

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4. “I’ll be there in 5 minutes!”

When you say 5 minutes, it is definitely not exactly 5 minutes but at least 15 minutes. Being late is just our thing as Malaysians!

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5. The usage of ‘lah’!

If you’re a Malaysian and you don’t speak ‘Manglish’ (Malaysian English), you’re not really a Malaysian.

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6. Choosing “Ramly” burger over any burger!

Being a Malaysian means “Ramly” burger is one of the best food for supper and you can never say no to ‘Ramly’ burgers.

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7. Chasing after ‘Roti Man’ when you hear the bell ringing sound! 

If you have never chased after the Uncle roti who sells different types of bread in his motorbike, your childhood was not awesome enough.

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8. Got angry when someone say that Singapore has better food than Malaysia!

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9. The star in the Malaysian flag be the hardest thing to draw.

The star never reaches the 14 points as always. The struggle is real when you’re trying to draw it for the 100th time and still never get it right.

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10. Queue up for free stuff, promotions or offers!

Well, Malaysians, we all have done this. Let’s be honest who will say no to free stuff and sales.

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To all Malaysians reading this, please don’t forget how fortunate you are to have such a peaceful country. A huge shoutout to Malaysia! Have you ever done any of these things? Share to your friends and family too!