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10 Weird Things You Do When You’re Alone That You’ll Never Admit !

The ultimate truth is we all have done things that will embarrass us in public when we’re alone that we would never admit to people. Trust me, we’ve all done that. Here are a few things that we’ve done (ADMIT IT) when we’re alone ~I have to reveal this!.

Credit: gfycat

1.  “Welcome back to my channel, guys!” 

You pretend to vlog your daily routine as if you have a Youtube channel. “Hey today we’re going to make hot water. Let’s see what we need”. This is something common we do to get our chores done in a fun way I would say.

Credit: Tenor

2. “I like to move it, move it!”

Break out dance moves that you never thought you know. You know you have better steps so you keep them by yourself and let them out only when you’re alone.

Credit: Giphy

3. “So you’re saying this is my fault?”

Pretending to have long, involved arguments that will never happen in real life especially under the shower. ~ops

Credit: Tenor

4. That “Ahhhh” after a satisfying fart.

The loud fart without having a second thought and smelling it is definitely something most of you do when you’re alone.

Credit: Gfycat

5. Sneak a ‘sniff’ test. 

We have all been there! You smell something bad and you think it’s you, so casually lift your arm and slightly tilt your head to give your armpits a sniff. This happens when you can’t remember if you put on deodorant.

Credit: Today I Found Out

6. Your smartphone follows you to the toilet.

Practically, the whole world does this. Bringing your phone when you enter the toilet to finish get your morning duties while catching up all the gossips and posts on social media. ~you can’t deny this.

Credit: TweakTown

7. “Emotional mode on!”

Putting on sad music and crying loudly, whether you have a good reason or not. Sometimes, you gotta let go, you know?

Credit: Life & Style

8. “I can still wear this tomorrow”

Maybe not the same outfit, but at least the same pair of socks you wore yesterday. If you’re not going to see the same group of people the next day, then the same outfit it is. Besides, you don’t need to wash your jeans that often anyway.

Credit: Pinterest

9. Fake a yawn to smell your breath.

We all have done this. The breath test yo do for yourself is legendary, so don’t even try to say you don’t do it.

Credit: Leadership Hausa Newspaper

10. Pretend to text or talk on the phone when you’re waiting for someone.

Yes, scrolling through Facebook or Instagram works fine to pass your time, but you still need to use this old yet best trick. We all know nothing is more awkward than waiting alone somewhere in public for a late friend.

Credit: ThoughtCo

We humans can be funny creatures. We usually act appropriately in public and put on our best behaviour just to make a good impression. But when we’re home alone or those moments when we think that no one’s watching, we can do silly things which is totally fine!