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12-Year-Old Malaysian Youtuber Buying a RM250,000 Worth Car Sparks Backlash on Social Media

Alyssa Dezek who is a 12-years-old Youtuber recently bought a Toyota Vellfire valued RM 250,000, sparked backlash from netizens questioning the prudence for buying such an expensive car.

Credit: Instagram

Alyssa Dezek is one of the youngest Youtuber who has more than 3M subscribers on Youtube.

▼ Alyssa Dezek recently posted a picture of herself with her new car, although some supported her but also some sounds of disagreement on their move.

Credit: Instagram

Some was saying how can she have her own car without a license and her parents mismanaging her financial success.

▼ “Daughter is working but the parents enjoying”

▼ A netizen said “you can buy a car without a license” sarcastically.

Alyssa’s mother, Suzanne revealed to the local media that it is her daughter’s decision to get a car to travel long-distance for shootings. Suzanne also told that her husband is an airline pilot and could afford a car on his own.

She also said that they respected Alyssa’s decision to get a car on her own for work purposes.

Credit: Instagram

Suzanne said that although Alyssa is active in the entertainment industry, her education has been their first priority and her exam results have been really good.

Credit: Instagram

Alyssa gained her popularity after her mother, Suzanne uploaded her singing and playing the ukulele when she was four. Alyssa is known for her Malaysian and Indonesian cover songs which has appeared in the advertisements as well.

Alyssa is a very talented girl and let’s support her success instead of throwing hatred.

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