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30 Years Ago, A Japan’s Media Predicts Half Of Population in the World to Suffer from Infectious Disease!

Credit photo to Sina | LA Times


Japanese netizen shared a post regarding an article posted in Gifu Shimbun dated May 2, 1990, titled, ” By 2020, half of the population in the world will suffer from infectious disease”. The post was widely spread and discussed by netizens, with some thought the prediction is pretty accurate, while some thought it’s just a coincidence.

Credit : Sina

In regards of this matter, Gifu Shimbun said this article dated 30 years back only have some similarity in terms of key words with current Covid-19 pandemic. However, the details of the report is different.

According to China Press, the 3 pages article titled ” By 2020, half of the population in the world will suffer from infectious disease” concluded a report from World Health Organization ( WHO) on global warming which posted a threat to human’s health.

Credit : LA Times

In the WHO’s report, it said global warming may led to global spread of infectious disease, and they predicted maybe close to half of the population will be infected.

For the first time, WHO also mentioned ozone depletion will weaken our immune system.

Although, the situation mentioned in the article and Covid-19 pandemic might not be exactly the same. But they key words like infectious disease , weaken immune system somehow match the current situation.

Credit : WHO

According to WHO, to date we are sitting at 16 mil confirmed cases and more than 640k deaths reported. Although we are still far from half of the population but the virus is still spreading, it’s affected 216 countries so far.

Info via Sina