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5-Year-Old Hathaway Chou Looks Like “Miniature” of Hannah Quinlivan

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Taiwanese Singer Jay Chou and Hannah Quinlivan’s daughter, Hathaway celebrated her 5-year-old birthday few days back. Netizens and fans sending their birthday wishes to the little girl.

Taiwanese director, Jennifer and her daughter were invited to Hathaway’s birthday party too. She uploaded a picture of her daughter with Hathaway on her Instagram. Although only showing her face partially, but it left netizens in shocked because they thought ” she is Hannah!”

Jennifer’s daughter is about the same age like Hathaway, and they are playmate. Her post read ” My tears drop when i watch the video of you growing up, time flies!”

In the picture, Hathaway can be seen with her cute bun, heart-shape earrings lean on her friend. She understand Jay and Hannah always wanted to keep their children’s identities private. She only posted picture where her face is partially hidden.

Credit : Onefm

Most netizens were surprised at how fast she has grown, some though she look exactly like her mother especially her mouth, Some said even just showing partially of her face but they think she is beautiful.

One netizen even said without reading Jennifer’s caption, “i thought she is Hannah! “. I personally think the mother & daughter look so alike .. What do you think?

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從你在肚子裡看你超音波的照片,到你五歲了,只能說你們可以不要追我們老嗎!我手機裡不誇張,成千上萬張你們一起成長的照片,上幼稚園第一天互相幫對方打氣的影片,一起幫對方慶生搶著吹蠟燭,一起游泳然後一定要手牽手一起游,時不時收到傳給對方的影片“海海我想你,餅餅我想你”…… 生日會上看你成長的影片,花姨竟然看哭了,覺得你們長得太快了!! 再一轉眼你們就不會叫我幫你們洗澡,突然間你們就變成少女了,……然後我就變成阿珠嬤……(但你媽媽還是少婦🙄) 好啦 花姨愛你,希望你跟餅餅一直到大都可以陪伴著對方走過喜怒哀樂喔 因為到青少年,很多事情餅餅可能就選擇不跟媽媽說了 😅 Happy birthday 我親愛的Hathaway小公主!❤

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