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6-year-old Boy Drowns to Death During 1st Swimming Lesson, Struggling in Pool 10 Mins & No One Noticed

Photo credit to China Press

In a horrific and senseless tragedy, a 6-year-old boy recently drowned to death during his first swimming class at a pool in Club house in Jiangsu province.

According to China Press, it was summer holiday thus the parents enrolled him for a swimming lessons in a clubhouse. His first lesson was on Saturday ( Jul 18) 6pm to 7pm. His mother send him to the clubhouse and waited for him outside.

Credit : China Press

However, she didn’t saw his son when the lesson ended. She went in to the pool area and looked for him. She bumped into his coach and his coach was trying to look for him in the changing area. But he is nowhere to be found.

The boy’s uncle arrived not long after and saw the boy drowning in the swimming pool. Smartphone video shows the aftermath in which a group of people were holding his body and patting his back on the side of the pool, trying to resuscitate him.

Credit : China Press

He was rushed to the hospital, with a weak heartbeat, unconscious and on life support. Doctor determined him with a brain-dead. He passed away on the next day.

After checking on the CCTV footage, the boy’s family found that the child had been struggling in the water for about 10 minutes and no one noticed him.

Credit : China Press

It’s unclear how such a long time passed without his drowning being noticed, especially in what looks like a relatively small pool.

The boy’s family blaming the school for not doing headcount on the students when lesson ended. And it’s their first lesson, the kids should be given at least some kids arm float. Local officials have ordered the pool closed for rectification.

Info via China Press