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8 Kg In A Month, Man Jogged And Diet To Lose Weight In 100 days

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Sometimes we do feel envious to the people who have a great body but losing weight and burn belly fat is not easy. To be committed to your diet and exercise routine, you need to be very strong mentally. This man decided to challenge himself to lose weight in 100 days by dieting and running without using any supplements or diet pills. In just 25 days, you can see the differences!

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For the first day, he started the goals for 2KM and he did! He ran for 1 KM and then, he finished the remaining by walking.After 30 days, he manages to finish 10 KM of running

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Talking about his exercise gear, he mentioned that he didn’t have a huge budget for it. His gears all under RM200! He even mentioned that RM65 running shoes and RM5 pair of socks don’t cause any blister at all.

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Another info, he also diets. He cut his intake of rice and eat other carbohydrates instead. Not only that, but he also did not sugary drink and only drink plain water. He usually drinks 1 liter of 2 sachets of green tea and fruits like a banana for breakfast. Lunch he would only eat dishes like chicken and vegetables and dinner would eat grill chicken with salad.

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This is one of his breakfast that he shared with the people, a simple protein of an egg, sausage and chicken slices, potato for starch and salad, all in a small portion.

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For lunch, he shared that he ate fried chicken, stir-fried vegetables, and 2 hard-boiled eggs. He also mentioned that he didn’t eat the yolk.

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For dinner, he eats grilled lamb with a bed of salad with dressing.

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He shared that in just 29 days, he went from 73KG to 65KG! He even tried to go to the gym but he said that he enjoys running rather than handling weight.

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He also shared a video of his journey in a month.

A lot of people commented on Facebook how proud and cool they are with his journey

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▼Round of applause for his hard work

▼A lot of people also motivated to follow his steps

▼People also glad that he shows a great way to lose weight without pills.

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