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An Uncle Went Viral Of His Creative Way Of Writing Information In List

Photo credit to Facebook| The Star| Wise Geek

Since Movement Control Order (MCO), there are new ways when you are going for shopping. if you are entering a store, you have to put down your name or use a QR code to enter your data. Sometimes it could be a bit tiring and problematic if you are visiting for a short amount of time.

Credit: The Star

This Facebook user shares the story of an uncle who has a creative way of filling his information at a shop. This post also gathered over 16K likes and 18K shares.

Original Post

I was very entertained when reading this. I got it from the Whatsapp group.

Nowadays, other than using a mask, checking temperature, and social distancing, we also have to scan QR code or write your name before going into any premises.

Credit: The Star

It’s been 2 days I’ve hangout at KPJ Seremban, the cafeteria’s food is quite good. Or it just because I’m too lazy to go out to Palm Mall.

Credit: Palm Seremban

Every time after taking the food and pay, the cashier would ask the customer to write names and phone numbers in a logbook. Earlier, when I was about to pay and write my name, I lined up behind this one uncle whose a bit older.

Credit: Siput Hijau

I was thinking, it would be hard for senior citizens like my mother who doesn’t use smartphones to go anywhere because they cannot scan QR code. They have to write in the book, taking out their glasses first, slowly write with shaky hands. I was imagining the same thing for the uncle in front of me.

Credit: The Star

The cashier said, “Uncle please write your name in that book, okay.”Then, ..Jeng Jeng Jengggg… This uncle took out something from his pocket. Pull out the cover. Pappppp!

Credit: 123RF

Ishak bin Mat Hassan, Batu Kikir, 019-XXXXXXX.Fuh! That Uncle uses a rubber stamp. I have to say that I did not think of that at all. This person from Batu Kikir Jambatan Posi is powerful for thinking outside of the box.

A lot of netizens were amazed at the creative way to write your name in a logbook. Most of them commented on their opinion on the comment section.

Netizens’ Responses

▼It is no surprise that people will buy using this way to write their name in a logbook.

▼Some speculate that he might be an owner of a shop

▼This person also finds a new way to write your name instead of using a rubber stamp

▼Well, we never thought to use the rubber stamp outside of the work, don’t we?

▼Who knows this method would be a new way of marketing too

▼If you are a teacher, make sure to check which stamps that you’re going to use

Creative thinking for the win! Might be following this method after this~

Info via Facebook