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Animal Cruelty: Foodpanda Riders Stop to Help An Injured Dog That ” Hit-And-Run” By Irresponsible Driver!

Photo Credit to Facebook

Most of us have at least one time witness ‘hit-and-run’ cases on animals. Thus, those who are driving or riding on the road should be more careful because a life is a life and it should be valued. If you really happened to hit an animal, please stop your vehicle and try your best to help.


Recently, there is a post on Facebook about a few Foodpanda riders who stopped to save a dog risking their income went viral with more than 8.9K likes and 7K shares.

A foodpanda rider shared his experience witnessing a hit-and-run accident involving a dog and car which happened in USJ 12, Subang Jaya.

The driver who hit the dog drove off straight after hitting the poor dog and didn’t even bother to stop.

Credit: Facebook

The foodpanda rider witnessed the whole incident when he was on his way to make his deliveries. He said in his Facebook post that a few other foodpanda riders also stopped to help to save the injured dog.

Credit: Facebook

He also claimed that he tried to call the ambulance while the dog was still breathing after the horrific accident. Unfortunately, the dog stopped breathing a while after. The body of the dog was then put in a gunny sack.

Credit: Facebook

Realizing that the dog was wearing a collar and it had a phone number on it, they decided to contact the owner of the dog. The dog’s owner was tearing after seeing his dog’s cold dead body. According to the foodpanda rider, the dog’s owner had it since it was a puppy. The dog apparently ran away because the gate was loose.

Credit: Facebook
Credit: Facebook

The foodpanda rider said the irresponsible driver not only caused pain to owner of the dog but made him and other foodpanda riders to lose their income.

He also mentioned that the other foodpanda rider who also stopped to help the dog refused to leave when he told them to continue their deliveries by saying “money is temporary in this life”.

▼ The post on Facebook went viral and netizens sent their condolences to the owner of the dog.

▼ Also, thanked and praised the foodpanda riders’ on their kind act.

Seriously, the irresponsible driver who hit the dog and ran away without helping deserve a punishment! Condolences to the dog’s owner!

Info via: Facebook