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Aww! Cute Baby Jokingly Make A Barf Sound As She Smells Her ‘Bantal Busuk’

Photo credit to Twitter

Baby is such an adorable creature! Even sometimes they can be a bit slobbery mess, but you can’t deny the charm that they have. They are literally a ball of sunshine that spread happiness to everyone. We, at times, would be shocked how babies have the tendencies to make a slapstick comedy that would make you laugh at them.

Credit: Youtube

Well, this baby definitely has that charm! This baby went viral when the video of her pretends to be disgusted by the smell of her favorite pillow being posted on Twitter. The video has garnered over 23K retweets and 27K likes.

Credit: Twitter

Original Post

She, even bwerkk at the smell of her ‘bantal busuk’. Whatever it is never leave the peace sign.

The story starts with her father, jokingly said to her that he wants to throw away her ‘bantal busuk’.

Credit: Twitter

She quickly responded with no, cutely.

Credit: Twitter

Then, her father said to her that the ‘bantal busuk’ is already smelly. Wittily, she holds the pillow to her nose and expressed disgusted noise with an adorable smile.

Credit: Twitter

This made her father chuckled at her and said in agreement, “smelly, right? The pillow is smelly,”.Once again, the father tried to take away the bantal busuk. The baby still responded with no, a few times before suddenly give a peace, which earns laughter from her father.

Credit: Twitter

As her father laughed, she imitates her father by slapping the seat. Her father once again said “smell it again one more time. Is it smelly?”. The cute baby smelled again her pillow and expressed her priceless disgusted face.

Credit: Twitter

Lastly, she reaches for her milk bottle and said cutely, she wants to drink it.

Credit: Twitter

All the netizens were head over heels for this baby and commented at the post on Twitter.

Netizen’s Responses

▼People are just loving how cute she is!

▼She might be a doll, who knows.

▼Baby fever is coming through~

▼She has great humor, what can we say?

For the video, you can check it out below,

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