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Beware! A Mother Warn Others About Toy Car After Her Child Was Injured Because Of It

Photo credit to Facebook

Toys for children are usually safe for them to play with. However, everything is dangerous for babies, even the toys that we thought are safe for them to play. This mother garnered over 2K likes and 10K shares when she shared the pictures of a toy wheel stuck to her child’s head.

Credit: Facebook

The incident happened in the evening. When the first time she saw it, she could feel like the soul in her body left. It is very scary for the mother and the child.

Credit: Facebook

She shared this on Facebook because she wants other parents to be careful of toy cars, especially when giving them to their child. She also said that if the toys are broken, to immediately throw them out.

Credit: Facebook

The user shared that she didn’t know how exactly it happened but during the playtime, the baby might fall on the broken piece.As you can see, the wheel screw is broken and detachable.

Credit: Facebook

The baby was admitted to the hospital, the same night. It’s being told that the baby also got a CT scan and under doctor’s observation. Hopefully, the hospital could schedule to remove the piece if nothing bad happens.

Credit: Facebook

All of the netizens were shocked and scared by the story. Most of them commented on their opinion regarding the story.

Netizens’ Responses

From this, I hope all the parents would be more careful when choosing the right toys for their babies.

Info via Facebook