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Bizarre Combination! Musang King Fried Rice With Sambal Belacan Only In Penang

Photo credit to Facebook

Durian season is here! You can see everywhere that a lot of people sell Durian. You name it, Red Prawn, D24, 888, Black Thorn, and more types of Durian you can find at cheaper prices. But, the most delicious Durian that you can find in the season is Musang King. Yes! This is also the most expensive type of Durian you can find.

Credit: Slightly Astray

You know Durian has a lot of food combinations. Sticky rice? Classic! Cendol?  Refreshing and sweet! Crepe? Modern delicacy. These combinations are widely available for Durian lovers. Recently, a post went viral about a bizarre combination on Facebook. It is a Durian Fried Rice but not just any Durian but Musang King Fried Rice! This post garnered over 11K likes,3.3K comments and 9.4K shares.

Credit: Facebook

How is this unusual fried rice been made? Let’s find out!

▼First, they separate the flesh and the pit of the Durian.

▼Then, in the heated pan, they add oil to cook.

▼After that, they add the shrimp in the pan and saute it.

▼Next, they add the vegetable like cabbage and carrot. They saute it with the shrimp.

▼When the vegetables were cooking, they add the egg. Then, they scrambled the egg with the other ingredients.

▼After the vegetables are cooked, they add a bowl of cooked rice before stir it all together.

▼At that point, they add sauces and mix the rice. Finally, they add the durian flesh and mix it well to incorporate the durian with the rice.

▼They serve it on the plate and garnished the fried rice with the leftover Musang King.

▼You think it is done right? Nope, they added Sambal Belacan at the side and a squeeze of lime to the sambal.

Credit: Facebook

▼This is the final look! The Musang King Fried Rice With Sambal Belacan is ready.

Credit: Facebook

They tried the durian first with the sambal and was surprised by how the flavor works well. Then, they tried it with the rice and they said it was good! They ended up devoured the food together.

Credit: Facebook

A lot of netizens commented on this post regarding the combination. There were a lot of mixed feelings regarding the combination.

Netizen’s responses

▼A lot of people were not agreeing with the post and not convinced with the taste of Durian Fried Rice.

▼Some of them are down to try the rice and some already tried the fusion before the discovery.

Durian lovers! Are you brave enough to try this?

Info via Facebook