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British Guy Walking Down the Most Popular Street in London Wearing Nothing But Mask

Photo Credit to Standard

According to The Star, a man with 6 pack not sure with what reason strolled down central London’s most popular shopping street on Friday with only a mask to cover his private part.

His action was leaving passerbys astounded, amused and shocked. Some passerbys can’t help but taking picture of him walking down the street. While some just stop and stared.

Credit : The Star

Face masks is mandatory in shops, takeaways and stations in England from Friday onwards. So, technically maybe he is not wrong.

Some believed he was not happy with government decision to make face mask compulsory so prompted to the stunt. However, It was still unclear for now.

Can you do this stunt when you are not happy ? HELLO. CANNOT ( Pinjam your phrase ya .. GSC Admin~~~)

We have attached the right way of wearing a face mask which shared by Ministry of Health ( MOH):

Enam kesalahan yang kita sering lakukan ketika memakai pelitup muka. Pakai pelitup muka dengan betul di tempat awam…

Posted by KEMENTERIAN KESIHATAN MALAYSIA on Isnin, 20 Julai 2020

Please wear your face mask on your FACE ok ! Wearing a face mask in public places will be compulsory from Aug 1st onwards due to the increase of no. of cases during RMCO.

Info via The Star