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Cat With ‘Aged’ Face Caught Many People’s Attention!

Photo Credit to Instagram

We have seen cats with different colours and sizes and every one of them looks cute and adorable.

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But have you ever seen an ‘aged’ look cat?

Recently, a cat’s pictures caught many people’s attention because of its ‘aged’ face.

Credit: Instagram

According to the owner of the cat, the cat’s name is Toby.

Credit: Instagram

Toby was adopted with another cat in August 2018 after the owner’s cat, Herbie died. When Toby was being adopted, he was six, he had been diagnosed with Ehler-danlos syndrome which is why his face look ‘aged’.

Ehler-danlos syndrome is a congenital collagen defect that can affect the skin, muscles and organs.

Credit: Instagram

In October 2018, Toby moved in to his owner’s house in Stroud, Gloucestershire. Toby is loved so much despite his ‘aged’ look.

Credit: Instagram

Toby is not only loved by his owner but everyone who views his pictures has started to love this adorable boy and they find him cute!

Well, can’t deny that the fact that Toby is such a cute boy despite his syndrome and his ‘aged’ look!

Info via: Instagram