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Clever Doggo Retrieved Letters From Friendly Postman For Owner

Photo credit to Facebook

Every day, postmen would come and deliver us our letters or parcel. Usually, we have to be the one who retrieves it. Well, this doggo owner certainly has a great helper to retrieve it. This video of a dog who helped the owner to retrieve the mail went viral and garnered over 8.5K likes on Facebook.

Apparently, the dog has known the postman for nearly four years already and tasked by the owner to retrieve mails from him.

When the doggo come, the postman just said “up! up!” and the doggo will hop onto his hind legs to take the mail.

The friendly postman also gave his gratitude to the cute tail-wagger for retrieving letters from him.

The doggo is so smart that it really shocked the netizens. This is because most dogs would chase away postmen when they delivered mails as they find strangers as intruders.

The owner definitely trains the puppy very well as it does the job perfectly!

Netizen’s Responses

▼People are very thankful for showing the video of the sweet interaction.

▼Not only people but we also need to appreciate dogs for doing their job.

▼This doggo definitely earning a lot of respect!

Info via Facebook