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Cruel Father Allegedly Rape & Prostituting 13-year-old Daughter

Photos credit to China Press | theasianparent

This cruel man from Kajang, aged 43 not only alleged raping his own daughter, who is only 13-year-old but also prostituting both his wife and daughter.

According to NST, the victim’s aunt lodged a police report on Saturday after she found out about the man’s action.

Credit : China Press

The preliminary investigation revealed that the victim’s father had raped her 3 years ago when she was 10. But he stopped when the victim’s mother found out and scolded the man.

However, started mid last year her father had forced her to sleep with at least 20 men.He brought the ‘customers’ to their home and forced the victim to ‘serve’ the men. It is learnt that the men would pay the suspect for RM100 for each visit.

Credit : China Press

Not only the daughter, he also prostituting his wife since 5 years back, quoted by China Press. But she was too afraid to tell, helpless and keep it low to protect her young children.

The man was suspected to cover debts from loan sharks. Thus, he forced both his wife and daughter into prostitution to settle his debts.

Credit : Malaysia Gazette

He was arrested today ( Jul 14) in his home in Pandan Indah and five of the suspected ‘customers’ have been remanded by the authorities to assist with investigations too.

The case is being investigated under Section 376B/372 of the Penal Code and Section 43(1)(a) of the Child Act.