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Customized Cake Went ” Super ” Wrong!

Photo Credit to Facebook

We all know that children love customized cakes with various shapes and colours.

Credit: Charm’s Cakes and Cupcakes

On 11th July 2020, a Facebook post went viral about a netizen ordering a customized cake but received a whole different type of cake than her expectation with more than 1k likes and around 3k shares.

Original post:

On 11th July 2020 was my daughter’s birthday but I was very disappointed seeing the cake I received.

The following picture is the type of cake model that I wanted.

Credit: Facebook

The cake I received didn’t even look as how I expected it to be and the following pictures are the cake that I received.

Credit: Facebook
Credit: Facebook

The following picture is what I think it should’ve looked like since the cake maker is a professional cake maker.

Credit: Facebook

I sent the type of model that I wanted to the owner of the bakery and the owner said the cake was made of fondant. I was afraid that it was too late so I placed an order since the owner said she can do it. I told the owner that I’ll just have fresh cream on the cake if there is no fondant.

People would ask me why I ordered a cake instead of just buying a ready-made one. Both of my children would want a customized cake and they’ll feel happy about it.

After seeing the cake I received, I informed the owner that I am not satisfied with the cake. The birthday girl stared at the cake with a disappointed look and she walked away in disappointment.

Credit: Facebook

So, many asked me why I ordered the cake last minute. The reason why I ordered it last minute because my daughter asked for an Alphard car cake just like her father’s car one day before her birthday, so I had to look for someone who could make it.

Even the ‘Happy Birthday’ is written wrongly on the cake.

Credit: Facebook

P/S: The boss said that she can’t make the same fondant effect but can do something similar but the cake looked way different.

Lastly, i’m think i’m not a cheapskate because the cake is not cheap.

After reading the post on Facebook, netizens find it hilarious with the way the cake looked !!

▼Netizens said the cake looks like a car accident, coffin car and many more!

▼ Obviously, the cake looks more like a van and bus than a car.

▼ Even the cream applied on the cake is uneven !!

▼ Not only that, there also a spelling error on the cake. Oh my gosh !!!!

▼ Some even said that the cake looks like the paper car which will be burned for the Qingming Festival.Hmm…yea, could’t agree more ~

Credit: Sanook

▼ The surprising part is the cake costs RM178.00!

The cake which is supposed to look like an Alphard turned to be something different ~Would you buy a cake that looks like this one for RM178?! Well, I wont but this cake make my day !!

Info via: Facebook