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Dating Rumour : Captain America In Love with Cinderella?!

Here’s another surprise celebrity friendship, Chris Evans, the actor of Captain America and Lily James, who starred Cinderella in Disney’s live action adaptation of the film were spotted spending a night together in London.

Credit : Daily Mail


Credit : Business Insider

The two had been out at the private members’ club late. James wore a silky red dress and a navy trench with high heels, while Evans complemented her in a black top, blazer, and pants.

Credit : Oriental Daily

According to the Daily Mail, which ran photos of Evans and James together, the two actors took a cab together to Evans’ hotel, The Corinthia, around 1 AM. They exited the vehicle separately, Evans going into the front entrance of the hotel, and James to the back.

Credit : Daily Mail

It’s unclear how long James and Evans have known each other, whether they are just friends or if something romantic could be happening. But for what it’s worth, they do follow each other on Instagram.

Lily James split with Matt Smith after 5 years of dating last December. While, Chris Evans has been publicly single since his March 2018 breakup with Jenny Slate.

Since the both of them are single, why not right?!