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Easy Viral Cheese Corn Dog Recipe That Will Guarantee A Cheese-Pull

I love snacking! Who doesn’t? There is no wrong time for snacking. You can watch movies or play with your phone and even when you are reading to have a snack. There are many kinds of snacks. From light ones like chips or candy bars to heavy like cakes or sandwiches. It definitely depends on your mood.

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One of the snacks that are popular right now is Corn dog. But, if we are being honest, corndog is really hard to make. It can be very messy and easy to burn. So, how you can make an easy corn dog but still have that cheese pull? No problem, we have a viral Cheese Corn dog recipe that garnered over 9K likes and 17K shares on Facebook for you to try.

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▶ BreadCrumbs


▶A block of Mozarella cheese

▶Flour paste (equal part of flour and water)

Let’s see how easy to make it!

Step 1

Cut the cheese and sausages into big pieces and put it on the skewers.

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Step 2

Cut the bread’s crust off and flatten the bread using a rolling pin.

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Step 3

Wrap the skewered sausage and cheese with the flatten bread.

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Step 4

Close the sides of the bread using the flour paste. Don’t forget to close the ends using the flour paste.

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Step 5

After that, coat the bread with egg wash. Make sure to coat it well, otherwise, the breadcrumbs won’t stick to the corn dog.

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Step 6

After the coating with the egg, roll the corn dog into the bread crumbs and coat it well.

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Step 7

Fry the corn dog in the heated oil until it is golden brown.

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Step 8

Serve it while it is hot to enjoy the cheese pull. You can put any condiments like ketchup or mustard on top if you like.

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Wow, that is so easy! A lot of people commented on Facebook and gave their review of the recipe.

Netizen’s responses

▼ Some of the netizens responded that they wanted to try the recipe

▼ Other people give their gratitude to the chef for giving the recipe and review of the recipe.

▼ Some of the netizens enjoyed the corn dog very much.

   OMG! That cheese pull is so satisfying! 

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