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Experts Reveal Reason Of “Bony” Crocodile: It’s a Man-made Mistakes

Photos credit to oriental daily | animal-friendly

Crocodile is an opportunistic, aggressive, giant beast. However, this particular one spotted in one of the tourist spot in Thailand is very skinny, like a skeleton, he just didn’t seems to have appetite no matter what people feeding him.

Credit : ET Today

According to Oriental Daily, well-known Bung Sifai swamp which located at northern Thailand have 84 crocodiles with the oldest is about 20-year-old, the heaviest is about 300kg. Bung Sifai is usually open to tourists but had to close down due to the coronavirus pandemic.

After the lockdown lifted and the area reopened, some tourists spotted 1 crocodile which is so different from other. This crocodile is with a round tummy, but the limbs and head are skinny, so thin to the extend you can see his bones protruding, like a skeleton.

Experts found out, this scrawny crocodile had fallen sick after eating plastic bottles and other trash tourists threw in there.

Credit : Oriental Daily

The swamp was taken care by Freshwater Aquaculture Research and Development Centre,  they will take good care of the crocodiles because crocodiles are the province’s symbol. The Centre also urged tourists do not drop litter, because plastic trash can endanger their life.

Plastic pollution are among our biggest threats to the environment. These plastics are hurting the animals and making them sick. After ingesting plastics, the animals can suffer for months or even years before they die.