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Futuristic! Sony Released A Personal Air Conditioner To Keep Your Body Cool

Photo credit to Sony

Have you ever felt like that one particular day, it is very hot that you are going to melt? On that day, you would wish that you would have an air conditioner with you everywhere you’ve gone. But, let’s be honest, that sounds like a bad idea. Air conditioner is big and it would be a problem to carry around.

Credit: Medical News Today

However, Sony have another idea. Apparently, they released a new gadget that is like a personal air conditioner. Meet, Reon Pocket. A wallet-sized device that can be controlled by a button on the main unit or by your smartphone to keep cool or warm your body. It is also can work without using the smartphone.

Credit: Sony

It had 3 mode function, the manual, my mode, and auto mode. The manual mode allows you to select the temperature level from 4 levels yourself.

Credit: Sony

Meanwhile, for my mode is you can set the temperature of cool or warm on repeat and off timer, according to your situation.

Credit: Sony

But as for auto mode, it will depends on your actions and automatically adjust to the appropriate temperature level. This is because it had its own motion detection.

Credit: Sony

How to use it? Well, it is actually mounted on your body in the pocket at the back of your neck of the dedicated innerwear.

It is so you can directly cool or warm your neck. It was designed to have direct contact with the skin, so you can feel a cool sensation.

Credit: Sony

That is why Sony also released a T-shirt dedicated to the device. It was made of polyester for water absorption and quick-drying properties. It also has extra-fine fibers that are soft and comfortable to wear. As it is a stretch material, the fit for the body and wearing is good. Flat seams are sewn to reduce roughness when worn. It also only come in three sizes of extra-fine polyester material, which are S, M, and L.

Credit: Sony

The device is also powered by a rechargeable battery that can run continuously for around 90 minutes, though it takes a full two hours to recharge.

The Reon Pocket suggested retail price is around $130 (RM518.76) and will be available in Japan through online retailers. Sadly, Sony hasn’t announced any plans to release it in any other market.

▼You can watch the promotion video down below

For the hot and humid weather like in our country, I would say we would need it!

Info via Sony