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“Goh Liu Ying Is Not 3rd party That Interfere My Marriage” Says Leonard Lim

Photo credit to Instagram

Olympic silver medallist, Goh Liu Ying has lodged a police report following rumours that have been circulating saying she is a third party that interfere someone’s marriage on social media.

On Jul 12, the 31-year-old mixed doubles shuttler posted on her Instagram that she had reserved rights to take legal action against unjustified slander.

“There are rumours circulating, and I have made a police report. I have also reserved the rights to take legal action against this unjustified slander,” read her posting.

A netizen named Yan Yan Chong, posted on Facebook group claimed Goh Liu Ying ruined her marriage by having a relationship with her husband. Her post no doubt had led people to think Goh Liu Ying is a third party.

Credit : China Press

And today, the man in the post Leonard Lim clarified through China Press, by saying Goh Liu Ying is not the third party. He divorced his wife, Ms Chen 3 years back and attached his divorce certificate as a proof.

Credit : China Press

Leonard Lim apologised to Goh Liu Ying and admitted his shortcomings in handling relationship with his ex-wife. While Ms. Chen also making a public apology to her on the statement that tarnished Goh’s reputation and she is willing to pay the price for the misdeeds.

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She also stressed that Goh Liu Ying is not the third party and she shouldn’t misled public to believe Goh interfere her marriage. Ms. Chen promised not to harass Goh and her family anymore.

She will also apologises to Goh and her family personally.