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Grandma Sealed Shark’s Teeth Because It Looks Fierce!

Photo Credit to Twitter

Most of us would think that the baby shark plushie looks adorable and cute because of its shape and size.

Credit: AliExpress

Recently, there was a post on Twitter about a grandma who sealed the shark’s mouth because she thinks it’s fierce went viral with more than 1.2K retweets and 3.4K likes.

This grandma from Hong Kong unfortunately thinks that the baby shark looks awfully fierce because of its teeth.

Credit: Twitter

So, grandma decided to sew the teeth in so that it wouldn’t look fierce and spooky anymore.

Credit: Twitter

And this is how her ‘craftwork’ turned into. The baby shark lost its teeth.

Credit: Twitter

▼ Baby shark now look really funny without its teeth!

▼ Seems like grandma turned the baby shark into a grandma shark!

▼ Well, I guess now the baby shark won’t get hungry anymore because of the fact that its teeth are gone. Poor baby shark!

▼ Grandma seems to be really lovely and cute as she sealed the baby shark’s teeth just because the teeth looks fierce!

To be honest, I think nobody would ever sew a shark plushie’s teeth because it ‘looks’ spooky. ~LOL

Info via: Twitter