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GSC, Nando’s and Grab Food’s Comments in Facebook Will Definitely Tickle Your Funny Bone!

Photo credit via Facebook

Malaysian artist Goh Wee Ping, expressed his disappointment in his social media that Nando’s no longer served vegetarian meal. His post came with a caption, “No More Vegetarian Options! It used to be one of my favourites but just found out Nando’s has removed their vegetarian menu!! such stupid thing to do when the whole world is going for healthier options.. extremely disappointed with @nandosmy no more visit to Nando’s.”

His post somehow sparked backlash in social media and got attention from Nando’s.

Credit : Sin Chew Daily

Nando’s is going to bring back the vegetarian meals. They announced on Facebook 2 days back with a caption ” Love, peace and 🥦🥗🌶️🍗”

This is definitely a good news for vegetarian, BUT the best part is comments from Nando’s , GSC and Grab Food Facebook Admin .. hehehe..

Check this out:

Haha.. These admins comments just tickle me .. if you are Malaysian i’m sure you resonate too! Most netizens praised Nando’s for the way they handle the crisis.



Anyhow people, in these grim times with uninvited guest Mr. Covid-19 around, job loss and unemployment stress.. let’s show more love and less hate ok.. #peace