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Husband Of Youtube Sensation Pavithra Being Arrested For Domestic Abuse

Photo credit to Mashable | Oriental Daily

Not after a few days being awarded as Ipoh icon, Sugu Pavithra was attacked by her own husband due to her reputation. The husband of the famous Youtuber, Pavithra is being arrested for alleged domestic violence by the police.

Credit: The Oriental Daily

Sugu and Pavithra were famous for being cooking show in Youtube that garnered over 781K subscribers. Their popularity was very outstanding as they even got the chance to meet the Prime Minister.

Credit: The Star

Apparently, they have had an argument at the parking lot after Sugu comes to the hospital to meet his wife’s sister and brother-in-law at the hospital. Sugu was under the influence of alcohol was swinging around a sickle and threaten to beat his wife’s brother.

Credit: Advocationforfairnessinsport

It was mentioned that he also was frustrated with his wife, Pavitra because she did not mention his name when she attended the official praise event when she was named as the icon of Ipoh. Not only that, but he was also said to be jealous of her popularity and success.

Credit: Gempak

The police arrested Sugu under Section 6(1) of the Corrosive and Explosive Substances and Offensive Weapon Act 1958. Pavithra also sustained injuries on her lips and arms from the fight. Sugu could also be seen wearing a purple lock-up uniform and in handcuffs as he was brought to Magistrate Court.

Credit: Berita Harian

We hope this issue will be resolve peacefully

Info via Oriental Daily