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“I Thought A Housewife’s Job Is To Do Housework?” A Girlfriend Disagree,Said Housewife Is A Supervisor

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The topic of working after marriage is something normal for women. Some continue work but some quit for family. This girlfriend wants to quit and be a housewife but she also wants to hire maids and nannies. Let’s listen to the story first and then, give our opinion alright?

▼It starts with the girlfriend conversation with her boyfriend about their future

“Lately my bf and I have been talking about our future. I told him I want to be a housewife after we get married and I want to hire a maid.”

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▼Well, he has a different definition of a housewife, then.

“He was like, “If you’re a housewife and you hire a maid then wouldn’t you have nothing to do? I thought a housewife’s job is to do housework?” I told him that my job as a housewife would be to supervise the maid. That is also considered a job. Being a supervisor is a tough job.”

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▼After that, she told him again what she dreamed of as a housewife.

“I also told him I want to hire two nannies when we have a baby. One nanny to look after the baby during the day, and another one to look after the baby during the night.”

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▼Apparently, she seems to have a bit strain relationship with his mother.

“He said that his mom is willing to help take care of the baby so nannies are not necessary. I don’t even like his mom. She has no class and she talks loudly. I don’t want her to be around my baby.”

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▼According to her, he is nonsensical to think that housewives should do housework.

“Somehow I feel like my bf is just trying to find excuses not to spend money on hiring maids and nannies. And he thinks that housewives should do housework??! I think he’s ridiculous!! Housework is for maids, not housewives. A housewife’s job is to ensure that the house is a comfortable place by hiring maids and nannies.”

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▼Then, she asked should she reconsider the relationship. She also added that she thinks he is stingy and selfish for expecting her to do housework and tolerate his mother.

“Seriously should I reconsider this relationship? Cos I think he’s like so stingy and selfish. Expecting me to do housework and tolerate his low-class mom, just because he’s not willing to spend a little bit of money. Please advise? Thanks for listening!”

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Netizen’s Response

▼Some people think that she should dump her boyfriend since he is not meeting her expectation.

▼However, a lot of people think that he should not marry her because of her unpleasant behavior.

▼Also, some people definitely leave satirical remarks

What do you think? Should she leave him or not?

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