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Innovation At Its Finest! A Guy Converted His Kancil Into A Budget Camping Car

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Do you like camping? Camping is a great activity to release stress and relax. You enjoy with your family or friends and if you want, it would be a great ‘Me’ time activity too! It is a great feeling when you can watch and appreciate the beauty of the green nature and natural wonders such as waterfalls, lakes, and sea.

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When you go camping, you have to bring a lot of things. The list is endless! So, most people brought a camping van to make everything easier. But, let’s be honest, camping vans are really expensive! However, this guy proves everyone wrong. He went viral when he upgrades his car into a camper car due to his love of traveling. This post on Facebook garnered over 1.9K likes and 4355 shares.

Credit: Facebook

Not only he went viral on Facebook, but also he was featured in the local newspaper.

Credit: Facebook

The local newspaper covered how he modified the car, camping safely and he shares all his experiences in the newspaper.

Credit: Newspaper

How did it first start? Well, It started with him, wanting to buy a camper van. Lacking a budget, he thought of another idea. Then, he thinks it is better he makes use of what he already has. So, that is when he started the idea to turn his car into a camper car. He uses it a lot since he goes back and forth from Kedah to Pulau Perhentian as he works as a snorkeling instructor.

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Many people said that Kancil is too small but for him, it is enough. As long he can use it for camping, it is fine.

Credit: Facebook

Shall we see the transformation?

▼The front seat of the car can be detached, so it created a larger space. So if he wants to use the space, he will detach the seat but if he doesn’t use the space, he can simply put it back.

Credit: Facebook

▼The car looks so pretty and cute with the fairy lights adorning around it. So romantic!

Credit: Facebook

▼He makes use of any space in the compact car as much as he can. It turned out very cozy and comfortable.

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▼The car not only is used when he went camping but for him to take a break as he works. You can see how relaxing it is!

Credit: Facebook

A lot of netizens commented about the innovation of his car. All of them are amazed by it.

Netizen’s responses

▼Most people commented on how brilliant and creative he is.

▼A lot of people want to try his idea of transforming their car as a camper car.

▼Not only that, but there are also some people who are trying to buy Kancil and even regretted their decision of selling their Kancil.

What an invention! So, currently, he is camping at Kelantan. Don’t forget to check out his adventure at his channel!【Click Here

Info via Facebook