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Learn English for FREE in Malay from Cikgu Rachael!

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Knowing English increases your chances of getting a good job in a multinational company within your home country or for finding work abroad. It’s also the language of international communication, the media and the internet, so learning English is important for socialising and entertainment as well as work!

But when the teacher uses English to teach English, although some might catch up but some might find it to understand.

Recently, there is a channel on Youtube named Cikgu Rachael who has 17k subscribers within a month! The reason why she is viral is that she teaches English in Malay language for free through her videos.

Cikgu Rachael have videos like ‘Learning English In Malay | Easy & Fast Way’, ‘How to learn English-Tips to improve communication in English’ and many more.

Credit: Youtube

Usually in the class, we’re explained grammar in English language itself. This technique is simply good for the students to get used to the language but it is quite tough for the people who are weak in English. So, Cikgu Rachael teaches English in Malay language in her videos so that people who do not understand English well can learn English easily.

Credit: Youtube

▼  Netizens said that they can understand topics that Cikgu Rachael been teaching easily and better.

Well, it clearly shows that people are learning English easily through Cikgu Rachael’s Youtube channel!

Credit: Youtube

That’s not it! Cikgu Rachael not only teaches English through her videos but she also answers the questions asked in the comments! Yes, she do reply to most of the comments clearing her audiences’ doubts.

▼ Netizen asked Cikgu Rachael, “Teacher why not cats meows instead of cats meow?”

▼ Netizen asked Cikgu Rachael, “Teacher, why do we need to add a ‘s’ for the sentence *who lives in London, sends…?”

And Cikgu Rachael’s respond was, ” ‘Who’ in the sentence refers to ‘my friend’ which is third person singular, so, we need to add ‘s’ in the end of the verbs; this applies only for present tense”.

▼ Some netizens told that Cikgu Rachael is good as in detecting the students’ problems and can make the students to have a better understanding when English is taught in Malay language. Schools should change their technique of teaching like this. It will surely work!

▼ Besides, if it is an advanced English class, then it is okay to teach in English. But when you teach a kid who just started learning basic English in English, they will face difficulties to catch up.

▼ The reason why Cikgu Rachael started this Youtube channel is to ensure all Malaysians are given the opportunity to learn English, to use easy teaching methods for everyone to understand and to simplify the process of learning English from anywhere at no cost.

Wow! This is so beneficial! Now you can also learn English easily only by watching Cikgu Rachael’s Youtube videos at no cost.

▼ Whatever it is, without effort from your own self nothing is possible. You have to put more effort to learn English like reading books and listen to the radio in English.

You can watch Cikgu Rachael’s videos on Youtube!

Info via: YouTube