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Makeover of a 60-year-old Grandmother to a Young Lady by an Indonesian Makeup Artist!

Photo Credit to Youtube

Makeup is something that every girl likes no matter how old they are. A talented makeup artist can transform someone to a totally different person with makeup.

Credit: SP Models

Recently, there is a post on Instagram about a young and talented makeup artist from Indonesia who transformed a 60-year-old grandmother to a beautiful looking young lady went viral.

Credit: Youtube

The Indonesian make-up artist, Ari Azam, uploaded a video of the makeup tutorial in Youtube to show his most astonishing makeup look transformations occur in his work with older ladies, where his skills in hiding wrinkles, under-eye bags, discoloration, and the other common signs of old age are unparalleled.

Credit: YoutubeHis ability to change the appearance of a 60-year-old grandmother who looked like a young lady after the amazing makeover is why he became the talk of the town.

Before going through the makeover, the 60-year-old grandmother had a wrinkled face and had many black spots on her face.

Credit: Youtube

After going through Ari Izam’s makeup touch, the grandmother looked like a totally different person. She looked decades younger without wrinkles and dark spots.

Credit: Youtube

Ari Izam mentioned that the secret of his makeup is in face complex makeup. If you’re wondering what is a complex makeup, it is a makeup which requires foundation and concealer to create an even, uniform colour to the complexion, cover flaws and, sometimes, to change the natural skin tone.

He transformed the grandmother into 2 different looks. One of it was a wedding ceremony look ( Akad nikah) and another one was a wedding dinner look ( Resepsi) where both looked incredible.

Credit: Youtube

Well, makeup does make wonders! This makeover looks simply amazing, not forgetting how talented the makeup artist is!

Info via: Instagram | Youtube