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Malaysian Comedian ‘Amazed’ Watching BBC Video of Making Egg Fried Rice!

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Fried rice is one of the most common food among Malaysians. It is also can be said one of the easiest and cheapest food you can cook or buy.

There are tons of videos on how to cook fried rice that you can find in split of seconds.

Credit: Seonkyoung Longest

Recently, there is a video of BBC Food by personality Hersha Patel making egg fried rice which went viral among Asian netizens for how she washed the rice after it was cooked with more than 10K likes and 7K shares.

The video was initially posted on 25 April 2019 but it went viral after the Malaysian comedian, Nigel Ng, posted a reaction video featuring Hersha Patel’s recipe, on YouTube which caught many netizens’ attention.

In the reaction video, Nigel Ng was ‘amazed’ on how the rice was cooked without being washed first and rinsed after it was cooked.

Credit: Youtube

Basically in the starting of the video, Nigel Ng mentioned that fried rice is the most common dish and everybody eat fried rice so why do you have to be afraid after watching the cook saying “don’t be afraid’ before she started cooking.

“What you doing, drain the rice? You killing me, woman. How can you drain rice with a colander, it’s not pasta,” he said.

He also said she could have used her finger to measure the water instead of using a cup to cook rice.

Credit: Youtube

“Few things break Asian people’s heart. One is when your rice runs out, number two is scraping pan with metal spoon,” he said as it is something that Asians can’t deny for the fact that Asian parents would definitely disown us for that.

However, Nigel Ng expressed his respect for Hersha Patel’s one-handed egg cracking skills and the used of garlic and ginger as a base for the fried rice.

Credit: Youtube

▼ The way the cook cooked the rice in the video became the main attraction among netizens compared to her recipe of making egg fried rice which got netizens passionately defending the honour of their rice cooking method and the using of metal utensil in a non-stick pan.


▼ Some practically screamed that the rice should be washed before cooking, while others couldn’t stand the idea of the rice getting soggy.

▼ Well, who makes fried rice with the rice you just cooked though?

▼ You might want to watch the video of the host making egg fried rice!

Behalf of other Asians, I think the right way to cook rice is washing the rice before cooking it and definitely not after the rice is cooked.

Info via: Youtube