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Malaysian Durian Vendors Price The Fruit According To Your Car’s Price

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The King of Fruit, Durian! Some people love this creamy yet rich fruit of it but some people hate it to the gut. Mainly because it’s strong, pungent smell.

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Since it is a durian season, everywhere there is durian sell. You can get durian easily at different prices, but affordable.

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However, there is a report about some vendors that sell durian are ripping-off people by pricing the fruit according to the car they drive to gain more profit.If you are using a luxury car, you have to buy more expensive durian and even have to use the non-standard-scale if you are buying the fruit using a scale.

Credit: Robb report

Ahmad Fitri, a director for the Ministry of Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs said that the Durian vendors who deliberately did not display the price and set priced higher than it should be will be fined. As for the vendors who did not show the price of the fruits, they will be penalized RM1,000 under Article 3(1) of the Price Control Order Act of 1993. For the vendors who used a non-standard scale, there will also be penalized RM1,000  under Article 14(6) of the Scales and Measurements Act of 1972.

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He also shared that they did an operation to check the price and the measurement. The result of that was 4 vendors have been caught and penalized RM4,000 in total for committing the crime of not showing the price of the fruits and using scales that did follow the specification.

A lot of the netizen responded regarding this issue and some even shared their opinions.

Netizen’s responses

▼Some of the netizens said that people can choose if they want to buy expensive durian or not.

▼Few of them actually agreed with the act as a lot of durian vendors seem to do that.

▼Perhaps, the punishment should be much heavier as it can be leveraged easier by the scammers.

▼Now, durian lovers would have a solid reason not to replace the old car !

▼A lot of people joked and give their idea on how to get a cheaper prices for the durians.

▼However, someone counters back their idea and said that it didn’t work !

Haha…Hopefully, durian vendors will stop exploiting the customers.

Info via SinChew China Press