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Malaysian Went Crazy After They Saw Gardenia Singapore Bread Selection

Photo credit to Twitter

Gardenia bread is one of the brands that everyone in Malaysia would recognize and familiar with.  As a Malaysian, we have our favorites for Gardenia bread. Some like the original, some like the butterscotch or some like the healthier option like the wheat. Apparently, this one Malaysian posted on his Twitter account about the selection of Gardenia’s bread in Singapore that garnered over 6K retweets and 9K likes

Credit: Twitter

Look at this! Apparently, Gardenia Singapore has Wholemeal Banana Walnut. It is actually a healthier choice as it is made by wholemeal flour but the banana and walnut make it so good that people prefer it more than the original!

Credit: Twitter

Another one is Fruit and Nut loaf. This one has apricots, raisins, walnuts and topped with sunflower seeds. If you are a big fan of Fruit and Nut, this definitely will make you drool!

Credit: Twitter

Well, we have more! There is a netizen shared their favourite which is Corn Loaf. This one has corn in it and it was also said that you can the corn in each slice!

Credit: Twitter

If people still unsure how big the selection the Gardenia bread in Singapore, well, we have proof. They even have Purple Wheat Soft Grain Loaf, High Calcium Milk Bread, Enriched White Bread, Super Soft Wholemeal White, Low GI Soft Grain Loaf, California Raisin and Low GI Nutri Multi-Grain!

Credit: Twitter

But, the thing is the selection is actually bigger! This is the selection in Singapore supermarket for Gardenia bread.

Credit: Twitter

What about cream bread? Well, it seems Gardenia Singapore expand their selection for it too! They have Banana& Chocolate, Milk& Chocolate, Peanut Butter & Caramel and Cranberry & Vanilla.

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Not to mention, they also have the universal favourite, Cookies & Cream. What a treat!

Credit: Twitter

Do you think that Gardenia Singapore stops there? No, they upgrade to a whole new level! They actually have frozen gourmet bread. This Garlic Bread Walnut is one of it. This garlic bread not only have walnuts but also sunflower seeds and linseeds

Credit: Twitter

People commented on the post about their opinion and even, their experience of tasting the selection.

Netizen’s Response

▼Someone’s ready to cross the border!

▼Oh! Gardenia also has another new selection~

▼Maybe not a lot of Malaysian people really into speciality bread.

▼The selections must taste so delicious!

▼Well, these netizen thinks otherwise~

▼People also complained about discontinued food too~

Well, Gardenia Malaysia should definitely take note of this!

Info via Twitter