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Malaysians Are Tickled By GSC’s Humorous Facebook Post

Photos Credito GSC facebook

GSCinemas never failed to tickle netizens on their Facebook post lately. One day before the cinema reopen, they posted a short scene from the movie Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham where actor Shah Rukh Khan returns home and is greeted by his mother who anticipates his arrival even before he enters the house.

▼ the mother (GSC staff) waiting Shah Rukh Khan’s (first customer) grand arrival.

Check this out:

The post garnered 24k responses and 10k shares from netizens with most of them praised GSC for their creativity.

▼Another one was was posted yesterday in response to people asking whether they could sit together in theatres.

The questions listed in the post were:

“I come with girlfriend/boyfriend, cannot sit together meh?”

“I come with my friend, can sit together ah?”

“From same house, cannot ah?”

“Can sit on my lap ah?”

And GSCinemas replied to all of them with a “HELLO, CANNOT.”

The post has received more than 46k reactions and 27k shares. Some netizens like the idea of social distancing in cinemas.

Are you looking forward to GSC facebook post too?

Info via Facebook