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A Pilot Lost His Job, To Make Ends Meet He be a Food Delivery Rider!

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Covid-19 pandemic has devastated the airline business. Most of the airlines cannot sustain excess resources and have to down-size the workforce in line with the reduced operations.

Losing a job is never easy, no matter what profession you are. This gentlemen was laid off by it’s airline, losing his dream job as a pilot. However, to make ends meet, he pick up a another job.

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The post on Facebook about him losing his job and how he went through grim times went viral.

He had lost his source of income for 4 months due to the retrenchment. However, he still need to work out something to take care of his wife and his 8-year-old daughter, Sofea. Sadly, all the resume he send out was either turned down or not responding.

He was upset and disappointed. Because he thought other than a skill of flying a airplane he don’t really have other skills. Some of his pervious workmates earning side income through stocks and forex. But he understand to go into stocks and forex, he need to have some knowledge and it might be risky. Moreover, he do not have extra money for that. His money was just sufficient to cover his debt.

So he figured out the easiest way to generate income temporary is to be an E-hailing driver.

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He is also sharing his experience with a few E-hailing companies in Malaysia. None of it is free of charge, you have to pay to become an E-hailing rider.

First he mentioned about Lala move, free registration but you have to pay for the bag which is RM120. The tough part is to fight for a job. He believed a lot of them are also in the same situation like him probably laid off by company and work as a E-hailing rider temporary.

Thus, to get a job is not easy. Moreover, in average 1km he can only get about RM0.80. He is riding a big bike and there is not much job in his area.

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Second, he applied for Dahmakan, the mechanism is different. Instead of fighting for a job, the job came to him. But the down side is, the catering hub is pretty far away from where he stayed and he need to cover area from PJ to Putrajaya. Pay is very little and it’s not worthy for those riding a big bike like him.

Thirdly, Foodpanda- Surprisingly, their system is like an airline. They pay you based on

a) On time performance – in aviation industry, the pilot will need to fly to a certain destination on time while for food delivery rider of course is sending food on time.

b) Check In – For a pilot, you have to check in to your cockpit but for food delivery riders, you have to check in to your designated area waiting for the given task. For him, mostly he delivered fast food like Mac D, KFC and Burger King.

c) Roster – if you can’t make it for the job, you need to pass the job to other riders. He also praised on the systemic way of Foodpanda handling their orders.

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He also shared that those days, minimum he get paid Rm 6xx a day for flying an hour but now he only get paid around RM 50 to RM 70 delivering food under the hot sun, tolerating angry customers, with sunburning face and hands.

It’s definitely not enough to cover his expenses but this is the only source of income he can get for now. He felt sorry for his 8-year-old daughter and hope to get a better job with higher income in a very near future.

Credit: Facebook

On top of that, he and his wife also started selling marinated mutton and steak from New Zealand for extra income.

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This man taught us that no matter how tough the situation is, we can still survive as long as we put in effort!

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