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Melbourne Man Steals RM3 mil From His Dad, Blew it on Lavish Lifestyle and Left Him With Only RM 60

Photo Credit to Mail Daily

Kyle Kepkey, 30, from Melbourne, Australia made almost 300 transactions over 2 years to steal $1,001,330 (RM 3 mil) from his father’s account. His father had no idea of his deceit until he discovered he only left less than $20 (RM 60) in his bank account when he tried to withdraw money from an ATM.

His father sold his home for $1,181,792 (RM3.52 mil) in 2017 and estimated he could live off $70,000 (RM 200 k) a year from the money he made on the sale of his property.

Credit : Mail Daily

According to Daily Mail, He said his father is not very tech savvy, so he can easily gained access to his father’s account.

Kepkey was eventually charged with fraud in December 2019 after a detailed confession to police on how he blew his father’s money.

He admitted to spending $4,000 (RM 12k) a week on drugs and paid for his then-girlfriend’s $20,000 (RM 60k) shopping spree from his dad’s funds.

Credit : Thriveglobal

He withdrew more than $200,000 (RM 600k) in cash and spent nearly $300,000 ( RM 900k) to buy things – including $15,000 (RM 45k) on Uber, $22,000 (RM 65k) on online gaming, $13,000 (RM 39k) at Bunnings, $17,000 (RM 50k) at JB Hi-FI and nearly $15,000 (RM45k) at EB Games.

He also blew more than $2,000 (RM 6k) on ‘premium purchases’ on dating app Tinder and almost $3,000 ( RM 9k) on Deliveroo because he ‘did not really cook’.

Credit : Mail Daily

Kepkey’s extravagance didn’t end there.

He gave $12,000 (RM 35k) to his best mate towards his upcoming wedding, helped another mate out by paying his rent and gave an ex-girlfriend $10,000 (RM 30k) as ‘remuneration for the break up.’

Kepkey continued to steal from his dad, who at the same time showered him with gifts.

He spent $26,000 (RM 77k) modifying a Honda Civic his dad bought him and then stole another $14,000 (RM 41k) after the father paid for his holiday to Tokyo.

Credit : Mail Daily

He described his extravagant spending habit as ‘living the Rockefeller lifestyle on someone else’s dime’.

Kepkey pleaded guilty to multiple fraud charges, he was remanded in custody and will be sentenced at a later date. While his dad now struggles to survive on Centrelink payments, reported by China Press.