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Mini Sizes Durians That You Can Only Get In Sabah

Photo credit to Berita Harian | Year of Durian

It’s the “King Of Fruits” Season! This is the season where you can get different kinds of Durians at cheaper prices. Not only that, but you also can get food that has durian or inspired by durians everywhere. We usually found durian as a big fruit with a very strong smell and creamy meat. However, did you know that you can find this fruit in such mini sizes?

Credit: Swedish Nomad

There are 2 types of durians that are very small in sizes, which are Durian Sukang known as Red durian, and Durian Dalit known as Orange durian. These durians are very popular due to having a very particular color for their meat and their fun sizes.

Credit: Year of Durian

Durian Dalit has a green color husk, with long and thick thorns outside. The orange-fleshed durian falls to the forest floor when ripe, like most durians.

Credit: Twitter

Durian Sukang has a yellow color husk, with short and sharp spines. This durian doesn’t fall and remains attached to the high tree. It is hard to get and must be picked at the right timing. That is why the red durian is sold more, faster, and more expensive than the orange durian.

Credit: Pinterest

Different than the commercial durians, these red and orange fruits are just palm-sized with thin and slightly bland flesh, though creamy. Moreover, their scent is strong and distinctive, almost like fermented wine. It is also been said that the taste and flavor of red durians are twice as strong as the orange durian. People even say that you would get a bit drunk if you eat too many red durians.

Credit: Tenor

These durians can be found in the East Malaysian states of Sabah, Sarawak, Thailand, and Brunei. You can get these durians mostly in Tamu (Sabah farmer’s market), Kota Kinabalu Central Market, and Gaya Street Sunday Market.

Credit: Sabaheats

The durians are usually in season between October and December. They are often being sold for as little as RM3-5. But due to sizes, they usually sold in pile. But, if they are not in season they could get as high as RM35 per kilo.

Credit: Sabaheats

These fruits are really popular among tourists and they are not commercially cultivated on a large scale. Thus, you only can get this in Sabah, mostly in the suburban area. If you have a chance, make sure to have a taste of it!

It looks so cute! Definitely going to try it if I have a chance~