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Monster Neighbour Kidnaps Boys Who Steal Tools From Garage and Tortures Them For 3 Days

Photo Credit to The Sun | China Press

A 36-year-old Ukraine man kidnapped two schoolboys which is his neighbour and tortured them for 3 days in his basement as punishment for allegedly stealing tools from his garage.

The victims, known as Dima and Andrey, both 14-year-old had been kept locked up without food or water and were tortured for 3 days in a hellhole prison.

Credit : The Sun

Police spokesman told The Sun: “On Sunday, the man lured the boys into his garage. Forced them down in the cellar and beat them up before putting black rubbish bags on their heads and locking them.”

During the next few days, he reportedly kept his victims without food or water, regularly battering them with a baseball bat and torturing them.

Credit : The Sun

In the process, he hacked off a piece of the boy’s ear and tried to chop off the toes of the second boy with a kitchen knife.

Credit: China Press

However, the man claimed that “the boys stole some tools from his garage and he decided to punish them”.

According to China Press, he faces up to 15 years in prison if convicted.

The boys were dehydrated, starving, terrified and exhausted that it took several hours for them to fully realise their ordeal had ended. Both of them were hospitalised and remain under constant medical monitoring.

Credit : China Press

They suffer from a concussion and have bruises all over their bodies. and currently receiving some counselling.