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Netizen Could Not Board the Plane Because of Air Asia’s New Policy!

Photo Credit to Facebook | TTR Weekly | EasyVietnamTrip

After the government announced on the permission to cross states in Malaysia, some wanted to go back their hometowns and some wanted to return to their respective homes. If you’re planning to travel somewhere by boarding a flight especially those from Sabah and Sarawak,then there is something important you should know.

Recently, there is a netizen who uploaded a video of herself complaining that AirAsia did not inform on their new policy went viral on social media.

This female netizen is one of the passenger who was supposed to board AirAsia flight at 1.15 p.m. to Kelantan Kota Bharu, but unexpectedly informed by AirAsia staff before boarding about the new policy, which is passengers are not allowed to carry the wheeled suitcase and only allowed to bring a hand luggage.

She mentioned in the video that she wasn’t informed about this new policy and couldn’t board the plane. She also said that passengers who carried wheeled suitcases were surprised that they can’t board the plane and had to stay in the airport.

“Why not give an early notice? The staff of AirAsia said that they have informed through their website by publishing new guidelines, but why not send a text message to notify the passengers?”.

She suggested that AirAsia should send a text message in advance to inform the passengers of the latest news or offer the passengers the option to reschedule their tickets.

▼ According to AirAsia, you can bring only one piece of carry-on bag which can be either one laptop bag, one handbag or one small bag.

Credit: AirAsia

These items must comply with the conditions below to be carried into aircraft cabin.

  • Must not exceed 40cm (height) x 30cm (width) x 10cm (length)
  • Must not weigh more than 7kg
  • Must fit under the seat in front of you
Credit: AirAsia

If your cabin baggage cannot fit under the seat in front of you, then you will be given a complimentary check in for the cabin bag that weighs less than 7kg for you to check-in at the counter. If your bag weighs more than 7kg, extra airport charges apply for each kg of weight.The 7kg check-in baggage should be treated separately from the standard check-in baggage.

If you’re going to board an Air Asia flight, then get to know about the new policy with its terms and conditions so that you wouldn’t have to go through any complications!

Info via: Facebook | AirAsia